Ending poverty, hunger and inequality in Africa will be impossible without the evidence needed for the right decisions being available to the right people at the right time.​

Launched in April 2015, Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) is an action-oriented non-profit think tank whose work contributes to the efforts of African governments to end extreme poverty, end hunger and reduce inequalities.

LDRI’s work is organised in two main practice areas covering themes such as agriculture, open government, gender equality, health, education and energy. All our programs seek to influence public policy in favour of an improved enabling environment, strengthening human capital development and mobilising domestic financing for development.

"There's no lack of great policies, plans or strategies in Africa. The challenge is the gap from paper to practice. It's the main reason we started LDRI."
Muchiri Nyaggah
Executive Director, LDRI

Our Mantra

We are here to help.

“We” reminds us that we are a team working with our partners to achieve a common goal

“are” reminds us to be present in the moment, helping our partners address problems in the present as well as the future.

“here” reminds us that we support our partners where they are not where it is most comfortable for us.

“to help” reminds us that our main purpose is to support our partners realise relief from the challenges we set out to address together.

Our Mission

To support governments in strengthening of public sector institutional infrastructure to ensure delivery on Africa’s development agenda.
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