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Leonida is the Research & Strategy at LDRI. She is also the the founder of Intelipro, an African company that builds analytics platforms for financial institutions and retail organisations. Intelipro makes big data analytics more accessible to businesses and empower them to develop new financial products and optimise their business operations. 
Previously, she led the Research and Data Science teams at iHub, Nairobi’s Innovation Hub. In these capacities, she spearheaded a team of local researchers to conduct groundbreaking research on the uses and approaches to technology in Africa.

Leonida is experienced in data science, designing and leading research projects, and implementing financial technologies. She has done extensive research, published and traveled globally as a keynote speaker on the opportunities and social impacts of the Internet; the role of open data in increasing access to information; and the application of big data to improve financial and retail services, governance and urban resilience.